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Top: $415   |    Bottom: $415

6 to 8 Week Touch Up: $200

This is your first touch up and a very important part in the PMU journey, the touch up is needed to reinforce the color and vibrancy as well as add to or correct anything needed.


Top & Bottom: $747

6 to 8 Week Touch Up: $373


Ombre brows, Microblading, or Combo Brow

Starts at $475

6 to 8 Week Touch Up: $237

After Summer Touch Up: $200

After summer our PMU tends to fade and becomes more neutral, this session is all about revamping the color that has faded out, this is done by going over with a color corrective pigment then possibly a pass of original color.

Neutralization + Brows: $820

One neutralization session paired with a brow pigment  session, this is for a client who has had their PMU brows for years without getting a touch up, color has become faded and neutralized.


Lip blushing is a great way to achieve a perfectly solid and give a lip filler effect without the injection part. If you think you will want injections in future you want to make sure you achieve your ideal lip size first then get your lip blushing.


Starts at $520

6 to 8 Week Touch Up: $300

Dark lip neutralization + Blushing: $970

This service is for those clients who have uneven tones on the lips, this is done to assure when it is time to apply the lip blushing color it has an even canvas or when it heals you will still see the dark marks under the pigment.

Saline Removal

A removal option that doesn’t involve lasers, this removal is done over multiple sessions each session is bought individually. $200

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