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Helpful Suggestions For A Great Spa Experience

Leave all your jewelry at home and shower before your treatments.

Drink plenty of water before and after your spa treatments.

It is recommended to eat lightly prior to your treatments, especially for package services.

Please refrain from drinking alcohol prior to your treatment.

Communicate with your technician during treatment, any pain or discomfort.

Inform your technician about any medications or topical applications that you may be using.

Please refrain from shaving legs or face prior to your treatment.

Gratuities have not been included with your fees as we leave this up to your discretion.

In addition to our advertised services, we are pleased to offer specialized packages for wedding parties or other special occasions.

Client Intake Form

Privacy Policy

SPAGO Medical Day Spa does not collect information from visitors to this site, nor are these site statistics made publicly available. We do not sell or in any manner reveal client or user information to any services, third party or otherwise, collecting statistics or gathering information. We do not solicit information from visitors to this site or clients for any purpose but normal business transactions. Information supplied by users and clients is privileged, private and protected, only and expressly for business use by the owners and proprietors of

SPAGO Medical Day Spa. Your privacy is important to us, we value your business and respect your rights. 


SPA Etiquette 

Please keep in mind that other treatments are in progress.  We ask that you keep conversations as possible so that others may enjoy the gift of tranquility.


A 24-hour notice is required in the event of cancellation of any single treatment, and a 48-hour notice is required for spa packages. If full, proper notice is not provided, customer will be billed in full for the scheduled service(s) and/or package(s). I have read and agreed to these terms.

My service provider must be aware of any existing physical conditions that I may have, and I will inform my provider of any changes in my physical health


I understand and agree that: (1) the spa treatment I receive is for the purpose of stress reduction, relief from muscular pain and/or improving circulation, (2) I am fully aware of any risks associated with spa treatments. (3)  I will communicate during my service any pain or discomfort that is present, and (4) I am unable to receive services if any fungus or infections are present. I have read and agree to these terms.


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