Our body treatments and massage therapies are more than just a relaxing day at the spa. Our body treatments are specifically designed to foster relaxation, promote inner beauty and increase your overall wellness. This creates a positive influence on the psyche. The end result is a more relaxed and healthy body, radiating beauty that shines from within.

All Aglow Body Polish

Gorgeous Head To Toe Glow

Our signature smoothing body polish rids the body of dull, dry skin to reveal your most gorgeous glow from head to toe. $60

DōTERRA® Aromatouch®

Beyond The Body Restoration

Powerful full body restoration treatment that improves stress, immunity, inflammatory response and autonomic imbalance. $80

Aroma-Algae Body Detox

Smooth Sailing

Unique blend of algae and aromatherapy to rid the body of toxins and reduce water retention, while diminishing the appearance of cellulite and spider veins. $110

Sexy Back Beauty Treatment

We’re Bringing Sexy Back

Show your back some love with this indulging treatment that drains away impurities and rebalances skin to reveal a sexy back that’s intensely moisturized and smooth. $80

Milk-N-Honey Delight

Milk Does A Body Good, Honey!

Precious conditioning components of milk, trace elements, and vitamins produce velvety-soft skin and improve skin elasticity and resilience. $110

Not-A-Massage...Assisted Stretch Therapy

Feel The Stretch 

Assisted Stretch Therapy target’s specific problem areas in the body according to your individual needs. Prolonged sitting, use of technology, and daily activities expose the body to awkward positions causing minor aches, pains, and stresses.  Assisted Stretch Therapy is a 30-minute body treatment designed to relax the nervous system and muscles throughout the body. $65


Scientists estimate that the human body is made up of around 1.6 trillion skin cells in total. Between 30,000 and 40,000 of them fall off every hour. Over a 24-hour period, you lose almost a million skin cells. 


SPAGO Salon & Day Spa offers guests a personal experience, set in a boutique space. We want our guests to feel at home.

We are not about spa trends, but offer treatments that provide the utmost in relaxation and rejuvenation with a personal touch.


We recommend scheduling appointments as far in advance as possible to ensure accommodation of your needs. All SPAGO services are subject to availability. Gift certificates or credit cards will be required to hold your reservations at the time of scheduling your appointment. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to allow adequate time to prepare and decompress. Keep in mind that each treatment is scheduled precisely and will end on time, so as not to delay the next client.




Your treatments are reserved and prepared thoughtfully for you, so we ask that you respect our scheduling and cancellation policies. Regretfully, canceled or rescheduled services with less than 24-hour notification prior to appointment will be charged in full, amounting to the cost of the scheduled service. Canceled or rescheduled services will not be charged with 24-hour notification prior to scheduled appointments.

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