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Our body treatments and massage therapies are more than just a relaxing day at the spa. Our body treatments are specifically designed to foster relaxation, promote inner beauty and increase your overall wellness. This creates a positive influence on the psyche. The end result is a more relaxed and healthy body, radiating beauty that shines from within.

Body Polish

Our signature smoothing body polish rids the body of dull, dry skin to reveal your most gorgeous glow from head to toe. $60

Milk-N-Honey Delight

Precious conditioning components of milk, trace elements, and vitamins produce velvety-soft skin and improve skin elasticity and resilience. $110

Back Body Treatment

Show your back some love with this indulging treatment that drains away impurities and rebalances skin to reveal a sexy back that’s intensely moisturized and smooth. $80

Aroma-Algae Body Detox

Unique blend of algae and aromatherapy to rid the body of toxins and reduce water retention, while improving the appearance of cellulite and spider veins. $110

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